What is Tonalama?

Tonalama is the research of destiny and personality based on the wisdom of our Ancient Mexico. The original term is Tonalamatl -from Nahuatl- meaning what has been registered on the amate tree paper of the ancient books. It is the legacy of our forebears: “the wise and venerable grandparents”. It is the result of a meticulous analysis of a mathematical system in which all of us, without exception, are included. This is to know the inherent characteristics of each person, powers to develop and the influences that may help to have a useful and happy life.

Tonalama is a complete research of personality, potentialities and people’s own characteristics. It reveals all the influences that marked the spirit at the birth time; when a person inhales the first whiff of air and the breathing of life penetrates, bringing all the influences that were present at that precise moment.

Tonalama gives us the chance to find out what potential we have possessed since our birth time; thus, we may learn to make use of such potential in a responsible way for the purpose of elevating our human condition.

Tonalama reveals the intrinsic value of your own being. It helps you to strength your qualities and to discover your sleepy powers. It gives you realization options and the chance to know the other side of your own being.

Tonalama offers you the chance to know yourself using the millennium system bequeathed by our forebears. Such system is based on the magic count of time and destiny. It allows us to know the characters of the Pre Hispanic world (deities), their names, meaning and gifts granted by them.

Ancient sages knew how to guide and were responsible for any and all members of the society. Upon applying this life system to human groups, they could predict attitudes and determine the profile of the individual characteristics, the personality and the mission to accomplish taking into account the gestation of a person and the characteristics granted at the time of birth.

Besides, our forebears knew how to make the offerings of integration with the generating forces of Nature and to be in harmony with all beings and with the rhythms of creation. They were experts at running the Counts of Time and Mathematics of the Universe where plants, animals, clouds and mountains interweave the clothes of the Earth, creating the great symphony of life with colors and sounds. All this is established in the rhythm of the stars which determines the daily development of all beings.

Their passion for mathematics was even applied to the simplest aspects of every day life. The Sky, Nature, men and spirit become signs and numerals. Each person is involved therein according to their own rhythm, in a combination which shows both qualities and restrictions and entwines humans with the rhythms of all existing things.

Tonalama includes the following:

1. TIME:

Deities of the time: The day was divided into 20 parts (72 current minutes). Each one has a different influence. 20 signs change along the day.

Parts of the day: Each hour was divided into 4 parts. (18 current minutes).

2. DAY:

Numeral of the day: There are 13 numbers (from 1 to 13) that change in a special way and determine special characteristics.

Day: There are 20 different signs that make up the twentieths (months) – or Pre Hispanic feasts.

Deity of the Day: Each day is influenced by a different deity.


According to the numeral of the day, the person is influenced by one of the 13 Lords of the Day and one of the 13 birds and a companion. The following are also very important influences.
The Lord of the Day: The thirteen Lords of the day determine our appearance and personality.
Diurnal Bird and Bird’s companion: They are 13. They accompany the Lord of the Day.
The Lord of the Night: The 9 lords of the night mold the potential that our ego receives.


This refers to Tonalpohualli’s parallel count –the magic count-. It includes 20 thirteenths whose names (in another order) are the same as the days. Each of this series (which are equal to months) includes 13 days, constituting a series of 260 days which restarts. These are two interlocked wheels: the 365 and the 260-day one or magic one, also known as “count of destinies”.

Thirteenth: A poster is attached so you may observe it and directly discover the influences.
Deity of the thirteenth: There are 20 different ones; the same as the days.
Bearings: There are 4 cardinal points. The East (Tlahuistlanpa), the South (Huistlampa), the West (Cihuastlanpa) and the North (Mictlampa). These emanation essences, that come from the four bearing of the Universe and the four corners of the world, nourish our Tonalli. We are penetrated by them.


Month: They are 18 twentieths divided into 20 days each. They represent the feasts celebrated each month in honor of each deity. After 360 days (18 X 20), there were 5 days and a quarter that refer to Nemontemi additional days. These had special characteristics.

Deity of the Month: Each month or feast had a deity who was honored.

6. YEAR:

Numeral of the year: There are 13 numbers (from 1 to 13) which change in a special way.

Years: There are four years which start at a different time. During such year, the day would start at the determined time. According to our current calendar, the day always starts at 0.

Companion of the Year: There are nine different ones that change along the year.


The Earth is my body
Water is my blood
The wind is my breathing
The fire is my spirit
This is a parade of accuracy as regards its mathematical design. The universal order is shown there within the golden proportions of harmony that exist in Nature where the cycles that humans inherited are in force. They were adapted to a mathematical structure that ruled their lives on the Earth.

The two calendars swivel cyclically and parallel like a wheel of gears. One of them is the solar calendar. It is the calculation of the Sun as seen from the Earth. Its structure has the rhythmical changes that occur. The other calendar is the ritual one. It is the calculation of Human beings’ destiny.

XIUHPOHUALLI is a 365-and-a-quarter day calendar divided into 18 months of 20 days each (the twentieths). There are 5 other days called Nemontemi. TONALPOHUALLI is divided into 20 thirteenths of 13 days each. This was the single calendar of ancient Mexico.

These two cycles, the human and natural one, cause when meeting every 52 years, the astronomical connection that rules the relationship between human beings and the stars and Nature. Every 104 years, that is twice number 52, when the two cycles meet, a huehuetiliztli, an old age is caused.

Tonalpohualli is the result of joining numbers 13 and 20 in cycles of 260 days. It is a mathematical trick taken from the global behavior of the world using an accurate and analytical optic. It has an integrating vision and an accurate and subtle way of verification. Only those minds who were able to be tlamatini (which ever the field was) could fully understand and apprehend it.

These 260-day cycles were not applied in any other part of the world, except for the ancient Anahuac civilizations. Neither the Egyptians nor the Sumerians, the Chinese or Greek noticed or used this cycles (remember that humankind owes the Greek what is accepted as the basis of modern science); the 260-day period is, for our satisfaction, a legacy from Anahuac.

Tonalpohualli, which lasts for 260 days, is undoubtedly the most excellent mathematical tool invented among the Otomangue people from north Mexico and the Encaraos, from Central America, who had a clear Toltec influence.

It has been used even after the arrival of the Europeans and since viceregal times by many aborigine communities from several states of Mexico and even by others such as the Quiches from Guatemala.

Tonalpohualli allows the behavioral relationship of those people who are going to participate in an alliance by means of the creation of rules which are going to govern such relationships. These rules, as in many other cases, have to do with the characteristics of each of the participants.

Finally, this work is an example of the practical use of the calendar system. We have adapted the information gathered in order to apply it to our current life. We were amazed at discovering that this teaching is for all times; it is always present and in force. If we know our possibilities, we will be coherent, rational and sensitive; we will understand ourselves better and we will accept our successes and restrictions, by means of positive and negative tributes which are inherent to each of us. If we are aware of this, we will be able to impel and augment the positive tributes, always searching for harmony and daily cohabitation.

Those are the reasons for the counts of time and destiny created by our forebears. If we know our own values, it is not difficult to find people who you may have affinity with and who may help to the development of each person so that you may act better in a certain place.

The person who knows this tool may give the correct advice. In ancient times, the relationship between Tonalpouhque and Tonalamtl allowed the person who knew the counts of time to be a guide and rectifier of the behavior of those people who were under his guideline. A sage with a Tlamatini profile, is described by Sahun informants as a master and a wise person since he could show the right and correct path to follow. Besides, he is a mirror where people may look at; in other words, he is an example to follow.

This system is a tool for identity strength. Its structure includes the molds of mathematical matrices that show the probabilities for the development of a community in harmony.

Dear reader, you have got the effort of several generations in your hands. Master Arturo Meza Gutiérrez and his team of assistants had to update part of this ancient knowledge. The door to keep on advancing on new discoveries has already been opened. We wish many people would be interested in continuing the search of more data that may change our considerations, but which may be useful to recover part of our aboriginal cultural roots.

Tonalama group is pleased to present this knowledge.