Have a look at a detailed research based on ancient knowledge;

in this case, Emiliano Zapata's one

The Codexes, Mexican Ancient Books, where the wisdom of our Venerable Grandparents is kept, read as follows: "the influences that accompanied you the day you were born offered their energy so that you could develop your face and heart in the bosom of Tloque Nahuaque, the one that is Intangible as the night and invisible as the wind".

Birth Time
The reading begins with the most important characteristics and finishes with the most subtle ones.

Emiliano Zapata Salazar received the first blow of life from Ehecatl, the Wind, on August 08th, 1879 at 05:00 p.m., in Anenecuilco, Morelos, México.
According to the Ancient Count of Time and the moment of birth, this date belongs to the sign of Cuauhtli (Eagle); the pertaining day is Ten Dog. The arrival is in the month of The Lords' Grand Feast; the year is Ten Cane. According to the Magic Count, the pertaining thirteenth is the one of the ability to be responsible and to take the initiative.

Zapata is received on the Earth by Quetzalcoatl, the Beautiful Serpent. Quetzalcoatl is the symbol of fidgety people who look for what is really relevant in vital essence, that is, the essence of life. They like to be creative. They carry positive energy and engender wise attitudes. They may become masters who unlimitedly offer all their knowledge to the others.
The time of the day offers an influence which establishes the ability we may easily develop.

Quetzalcoatl is a synonym of undulating energy. The one who knows the science of Quetzalcoatl, actually knows life science which is made up by all elements engendered by life on Earth.
Time segment of the Day of birth
Due to the time Zapata began breathing, the corresponding sign is Cuauhtli (Eagle). They are granted renovation and purification. They are tenacious, impulsive and determined. They have a good sight and love the freedom to act in unlimited areas. They have a serious look. They are clever; that is a symbol of those people who stand out in a crowd. They have both brilliance and a majestic demeanor.
Cuauhtli is gorgeous. It has a very deep expression in its eyes. It is said that it can stare at the Sun. Grandparents say the eagle is the Sun since the Sun is a golden-colored eagle.
Date of Birth
Zapata was born under the influence of Itzcuintli, sign of loyal friends who are generous and faithful partners; from Matlactli, number of the owners of a balance center, they are active to awake senses . Since they are ruled by Mictlantecuhtli, they are capable for deep reflection and analysis, which transcends by means of experiences.
Itzcuintli (Dog). They are faithful and loyal to whom they love. They are passionate to know strange places but they do not lose contact with their native land. This is a sign of generous friends. They are fond of walking by nature and they always return happily to their home. They are loyal partners.
Matlactli (Ten). People born under the influence of this number are affected by duality, glint, sense arousal and by the integration of experiences acquired through life. Everything is carried out wisely and adroitly since both their heart and hands are used.
These are people born under the influence of The Lords of the Reflection and Resting Place, Mictlantecuhtli and Mictlantecihuatl, who are the symbol of continuous renovation and transmutation. These are people who subtly balance impulsive attitudes, searching for spiritual states. They are thoughtful and analytical.

Mictlantecuhtli y Mictlantecihuatl represent the organic change which fulfills the eternal law: life is born of death and death is born of life.
Matlactli, metaphorically speaking, is the reflection of one hand together with another one. It is the reflection you can see in a mirror. They complement each other.
Influence Granted by the Lord of the Day
Before the eyes of the others, we like to show ourselves in this way
There are other forces that may affect one day. Some of them influence while there is light, from the sunrise to the sunset. These are The Thirteen Lords of the Day, who are accompanied by a bird and an element which may be either astronomical or natural.co.
This sign is guarded by the Lord of the day or light, Tezcatlipoca, the Lord of Inner Knowledge. This is the one who grants intimate knowledge, intuition and the arousal of consciousness. A mirror is the easiest way to begin to know yourself.

Tecolotl, an eagle-owl, is the bird that represents wisdom, ability to think, patience and meditation.

The character that represents Tezcatlipoca, the Lord of Inner Knowledge, comes from the eagle-owl's beak. This is the one that grants intuition. With the help of Tecolotl, they may immerse in the night and take advantage of the conditions activated in the darkness.

Tezcatlipoca is one of the most important concepts of Ancient Times. It contains everything related to memory, introversion and inner knowledge.
Influence Granted by the Lord of the Night
We are internally in this way
These influences, which are exerted during a period of darkness, are known as The Nine Lord of the Night. These are the ones who show the way we actually are and the way we naturally behave.
The Lord of the Night that influences is Chalchiuhtlicue.
The qualities granted include transparency, adaptation and fluency. These people are very sensitive but also have huge will-power. They may adapt to any situation. They always act transparently.
Chalchiuhtlicue, the Jade Skirt, the Lady of Terrestrial Water, represents the female spirit of lively water that is in rivers, pools, lagoons and at the edge of the sea.
The Lord of the Night

Chalchiuhtlicue is the female essence. Chalchiuhtlahtonac is her duality. Together they are part of the cosmic Ometeotl, constituting the vital water.
The Influence of the Thirteenth in Which you Were Born
Tonalpohualli, the count of destiny, determines the "Thirteenths" which are the counts that run parallel to the feasts.
Ce Cipactli
Born in the thirteenth of responsibility and initiative, Ce Cipactli (One Crocodile). People born under the influence of this thirteenth are enterprising and have strong principles. They have roots and commitment with the world.

Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl, the Lord and the Lady of the Heat and Energy, are the deities. According to Tonalpohualli, they have steady aims and well-defined purposes. Their temper is energetic, kind and correct. They have the ability to lead and stamina to act sensibly.
Feast and Deity.

Zapata was born in the month of The Lords' Grand Feast, Hueitecuilhuitl.
During this month, the main lords organized huge feasts in the fields to honor the benefits produced by the rain. At this feast, everybody ate, that is, men and women, the elders, girls and boys. Everybody had the chance to share and enjoy at the expense of the wealth of the richest.
Xilonen, the Mother of the Tender Corn, is the deity. This is the one that represents the fertilized Earth, the one who produces food, the tender golden-haired unripe ears of corn. Women adorned themselves with bunches of flowers to thank Xilonen.
Xilonen is the female essence of Centeotl, the Beautiful Young Lady, the one of lovely and fresh appearance, the one who has golden hair represented by a tender ear of corn.
This influence grants people joy and satisfaction, beauty, charismatic presence and willingness to intensely live each moment.

It was a real feast to honor life, where everybody sang and danced making up big waves; everybody was arm in arm, in perfect order and harmony.
Birth Year
These are the most dilute influences.
Numeral, Sign and Deity

Ce Cipactli
Zapata came into the world in the year Matlactli Acatl: Ten Cane.
Matlactli is your Numeral of the Year ; therefore, the characteristics and/or qualities expressed in Numeral of the Day are stressed.
Acatl (Cane). They are granted a clear-sighted intelligence. They are eager to know and deeply analyze all those things they are interested in. Everything is analyzed and observed dispassionately. Their purposes are always taken into account. They are balanced and rather emotionless; however, they are very sincere and radiate confidence. Spear-shaped-reeds, when thrown, cause the sensation of speed, power, direction and; therefore, purpose
Finally, the most dilute influence is the Deity of the Year: Tlaloc.
The qualities granted include perfectionism, higher ability have a wider perception, strength when making decisions, and kindness when treating others. These people are determined and energetic and have a changing mood which must be balanced.
Tlaloc, the liquor the Earth Has. The Lord of the Rain represents the force of the hurricane and the storm although it may also appear in soft rains.

Tlaloc's face has two interlaced serpents which represent two ways of energy of two different elements. The union of these electrical charges make up the vital water.

We suggest you read, in order of appearance, all this piece of work, where you will be able to find out your Sign. This is attached to a card: KEEP IT. You will find out who your Deities were at every moment and the characteristics that each of them granted: EXAMINE THEM. You will find out the Thirteenth you belong to pursuant to the Magic Count; a fully color sheet of this Magic Count has been attached: READ IT. Besides, all the other characters that influence you are fully described.

All these characteristics live in our essence; they may be asleep or hidden due to the events we had to experience; however, they are there, waiting for us to develop them.
Name: Emiliano Zapata Salazar
Born on: 08/08/1879 - time: 05:00 p.m.

1. TIME:
1: Deity according to Time: Quetzalcoatl
They are optimistic and lovers of Nature. They are full of wisdom.
2: Segment of the Day: Cuauhtli (Eagle)
Impulsive and determined people who love freedom and have a serene look
2. DAY:
3: Numeral of the Day: Matlactli (ten)
The owners of a balance center, they are active to awake senses
4: Day: Itzcuintli (Dog)
Loyal friends who are generous and faithful partners
5: Deity according to Day: Mictlantecuhtli
They are capable for deep reflection and analysis, which transcends by means of experiences.
6: Lord of the Day: Tezcatlipoca
They have the gift for intuition and are extremely sensitive. They may reach higher levels of consciousness.
7: Diurnal Bird: Tecolotl (An eagle-owl)
They are the masters of knowledge. They are always on the alert as sentinels are.
8: Accompanying Bird: Tezcatlipoca
Stress of characteristics and/or qualities expressed in: Lord of the Day.
9: Lord of the Night: Chalchiuhtlicue
They are extremely sensitive and have a strong willingness.
10: Thirteenth: Cipactli (Crocodile)
Entrepreneurs who have responsibility in life and the gift for leading
11: Deity according to thirteenth: Tonacatecuhtli Tonacacihuatl
They have intense vital energy when acting. They reveal sensibility.
12: Bearing: Tlahuiztlampa (The Orient )
They radiate enormous safety and they are very polite.
13: Month: Hueitecuilhuitl
14: Deity according to Month: Xilonen
They are full of joy and vitality. They enjoy living and sharing.
6. YEAR:
15: Numeral of the Year: Matlactli (Ten)
Stress of characteristics and/or qualities expressed in: Numeral of the Day.
16: Year: Acatl (Cane)
Analytical people of high intelligence who do without emotion
17: Companion of the Year: Tlaloc
They have huge force and softness when dealing with others. They have Intransigent toughness to achieve goals.

"The Mexican Calendar is an invaluable cultural legacy"

Tonalamatl -from nahuatl- is what has been registered on amate tree paper. The Spanish word for this term is Tonalama, that is, the research of the destiny and personality based on the wisdom of our Ancient Mexico. It is the result of a meticulous analysis of a mathematical system in which all of us, without any exception, are included. It was bequeathed by our Grandparents so that we could know the inherent characteristics of each person, powers to develop and the influences that may help to have a useful and happy life.

Our forbears, who were permanent searchers of knowledge through a systematic observation of Nature and through the analysis of social and astronomical events, synthesized one of the most complete and structured calendar time systems of all times.

All that which is related to objects and thoughts, material and ideas, the existence of beings; everything is registered with time, everything is able to account for the passage of time.

Xiuhpohualli is a 365 and-a-quarter-day-calendar divided into eighteen months of twenty days. Five days, known as Nemontemi, are also included. Tonalpohualli, the Count of Destiny, is a ritual 260-day calendar divided into twenty thirteenths of thirteen days. It rules both men, as a cosmic human being, and all living beings that are part of the universal concerto and keeps all those things that exist in the correct place and distance, both in the big Sky and on the Earth.

Both Counts run parallel and they meet every fifty two years in the grand universal harmony.

Nowadays, examples of such Counts still remain, as it is the case of The Stone of The Sun which is a clear proof of Pre-Hispanic Peoples' interest in the passage of time.

As an homage to our wise Grandparents, and for the purpose of making our culture known, we herein present the research based on the codexes. Their connections have been analyzed by Master Arturo Meza Gutiérrez and his associates for over twenty years.

If you were interested and you are willing to know the affinity you may have with other people, the accurate time to start a business or to know what this year may furnish you with among other questions, ask for a personalized research or surf our website on the internet and get our books and calendars.

Affectionately and Harmoniously Tonalama.