What is Tonalama?
Tonalama is the research of destiny and personality.
Tonalamatl is the Nahuatl term for this, meaning what has already been written and what has been registered on amate tree paper.
It is based on Ancient Mexico wisdom.

The original term is Tonalamatl- from Nahuatl- that is, what has been registered on amate tree paper, on the ancient books. This is a legacy from our forebears, the wise and venerable grandparents. It is the result of a meticulous analysis of a mathematical system in which all of us, without exception, are included. This is to know the inherent characteristics of each person, powers to develop and the influences that may help to have a useful and happy life.

Tonalama will reveal the reasons why you are the way you are, the gifts and powers you were given when inhaling the precious air at the moment you were born. You will know the influences that were present at that precise moment and the way you were marked by them, determining your psychological profile.

What will I find out about myself?
It is important to highlight that once you know the positive aspect about yourself, you will be amazed to learn that you possess all such powers to be happy.

Tonalama gives us the chance to know what potential we have possessed since our birth time; thus, we may make use of such potential in a responsible way for the purpose of elevating our human condition.

Tonalama will reveal the intrinsic value of your own being. It will help you to strength your qualities and to discover your sleepy powers. It will give you realization options and the chance to know the other side of your own being which was swathed in a world of dreams and fantasy.

Tonalama offers you the chance to find out about yourself using the millennium system inherited by our forebears. Such system is based on the magic count of time and destiny. It allows us to know the characters of the Pre Hispanic world (deities), their names, meaning and gifts granted by them.

What is the difference between this system and astrology?
Astrology is based on stars.

Tonalama not only includes stars but also the implicit influences of Nature at the time of birth; when we inhaled the first whiff of air, at that precise moment, we impregnated ourselves with all those things that were present. Each hour, day and month has its own characteristic.

Ancient Mexicans were able to symbolized the celestial machinery. They interpreted it in order to understand the harmony of Nature which they felt they were forced to preserve. It was not carried out by only one person at a certain time in history, but it was developed by many peoples during hundreds of years of shared history

Is it a prediction?
Of course it is not. It is neither a prediction nor an omen. It is a mathematical research and, thus, it is accurate and exact. Based on this, you may know what abilities you have and what you may achieve.

In ancient times, the midwife had to know the count of time and to calculate the newborn baby’s Tonalama. Thus, she claimed why he had come to the Earth, his gifts to evolve in life, his work for the community and the path to follow in order to develop his inner being. Our Ancient Sages revealed all such characteristics and explained to everybody that all this was to develop his face and heart.

Sages’ wisdom from ancient Tenochtitlan, which was inherited from ancient Toltecs, is demonstrated by the passion they had for mathematics. It was even applied to the simplest aspects of every day life where the sky, Nature, mankind and spirit become symbols and numerals. There, each human being is involved, with his own rhythm, in a combination which shows the scope and the limitations, entwining the work of human beings with the rhythms of all existing things.

What benefit could I obtain?
First, you will find out all your potentialities. Second, you will discover the gifts granted by life itself; such gifts have not been exploited yet since you are not aware of them.

Upon knowing your psychological profile, you will immediately take advantage of your skills, you will improve your life and you will be a better person.

What is it based on?
It is based on the ancient inhabitants of Mexico Tenochtitlan. Systematic observation of Nature and the analysis of astronomical and social events led our forebears to synthesize one of the most complete and methodical systems for measuring time.

The two calendars, which cyclically swivel like a wheel of gears, allow us to relate the counts of time. One of them is the solar calendar. It is the calculation of the Sun as seen from the Earth. Its structure has the rhythmical changes that occur. The other calendar is the ritual one. It is the calculation of Human beings’ destiny.

Xiuhpohualli is a 365-and-a-quarter day calendar divided into 18 months of 20 days each (the twentieth). There are 5 other days called Nemontemi.

Tonalpohualli is the other calendar which is divided into 20 thirteenths of 13 days each (260 days). This was the single calendar of ancient Mexico.

These 260-day cycles were not applied in any other part of the world, except for the ancient Anahuac civilizations. Neither the Egyptians nor the Sumerians, the Chinese or Greek noticed or used these cycles (remember that humankind owes the Greek what is accepted as the basis of modern science); the 260-day period is, for our satisfaction, a legacy from Anahuac.

Tonalpohualli is a ritual 260-day calendar that rules both men, as a cosmic human being, and all living beings that are part of the great universal concerto. The harmony of the cosmos is ruled by the creator of the Universe which is the factor that balances everything and which keeps all those things that exist in the correct place and distance, both in the big Sky and on the Earth. Such ambivalent power is called Tloque-Nahuaque in Mexican.

Tonalpohualli is the result of joining numbers 13 and 20 in cycles of 260 days. It is a mathematical trick taken from the global behavior of the world using an accurate and analytical optic. It has an integrating vision and an accurate and subtle way of verification. Only those minds who were able to know the count of time or (tlamatini), which ever the field was, could fully understand and apprehend it

Is it an accurate research?
It is as accurate as mathematics since it uses its tools: the knowledge of the count of time and the influences at the time of birth.

The knowledge of our Venerable Grandparents involved all fields of knowledge. Their passion for mathematics was even applied to the simplest aspects of every day life. The Sky, Nature, men and spirit become signs and numerals. Each person is involved therein according to their own rhythm, in a combination which shows both qualities and restrictions and entwines humans with the rhythms of all existing things

What do I need for my Tonalama?
The required data includes the following: name, place and date of birth and nickname. If you remember the time, the research will be even more accurate.

Do I have to know a lot about Aztec culture to understand it?
No, it is not necessary since the whole research is fully explained.

Using this research, you will be able to find answers to deep questions and the values that help us to be better persons. Who am I?
Where do I come form?
Where am I going to?
Why am I the way I am?
Which is the path to follow?
Which are my inner abilities?
What am I doing in this world?

When you find the correct answers, you will be able to pursue the most convenient goals since, although life is full of difficulties, there are always alternative paths to follow.

The practical use of this system is that it may be applied at the current time of your life. These teachings are for all times.

What about if I do not understand it? We know that the research is accurate, didactic and clear enough. But, do not worry, we may answer any doubt you may have in person, by email or phone.

Does it oppose religion?
It does not oppose religion; even more, it complements the possibility to know you better in order to make decisions, to change and to be a better person. All religions teach the harmony with Nature and with all existing things.

What will I be given?
We will send you a luxurious folder, with beautiful pictures of Pre Hispanic characters. The folder contains a basic explanation of what Tonalama is, a summary of all your influences, the detailed explanation of such influences, a picture of the magic count of destiny you belong to and a card with the glyph of the day you were born.

What guarantees do I have that the research will be well made and that it will be sent?
The research is based on the following: • More than 30 years of research by Master Arturo Meza Gutiérrez and his associates.

• The development of an accurate and complex software that involved more than a-four-year work and the cooperation of several professionals specialized in systems.

This background guarantees the delivery of an accurate and exact work.

Tonalama Group works for the diffusion of this knowledge, the harmony of human beings and their relationship with the world. Such principles guarantee the responsibility that we have and that the research will be sent to you.

How much is it?
The price established for this research is for all budgets.

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