(Day calculated for central Mexico at 12 noon SUMMARY, It does not replace the personalized study)
DAY Macuilli - five

Quiahuitl (Rain) is the breeze that refreshes us. It may be a storm or a hailstorm. It is the one that waters the fields and relieves our thirst.


The Sun, the one that provides heat and energy

MONTH OR PARTY Ochpaniztli

in the month when the Wind Blows and Sows the Seeds

The calendar Sacred of the Aztecs

The day is:
Lord of the day Tlazohteotl

The Lady who engenders and gives love

LORD OF THE NIGHT Piltzintecuhtli

is the Child-Lord who represents an activity of the Sun

Thirteen Cuauhtli - Eagle
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Calli - Home
Chicnahui - nine
the day starts at 00:45:00 Correlation: Teacher Arturo Meza Gutiérrez
Day: It is a perfect day to achieve what you want. It provides you with tenacity to polish things up. // It is a brilliant day. Everything will be a success.
Lord of the Day It provides you with shrewdness and intelligence to take care of your beloved ones.
Numeral of the Day This is a good day to change the appearance of things.
Lord of the Night: It is excellent for creativity and art in general.