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Our studio is located at:

Cuauhtemoc 106 – Int 308
Colonia San Pablo Tepetlapa
Delegación coyoacán – México DF
Cod. Postal 04620

We are a group of people who love Ancient Mexico. We try to live our life according to the teachings of our Grandparents, considering all living beings and yearning to permanently live in harmony with Nature. We are tireless searchers of the deep knowledge bequeathed by ancient sages. They knew how to guide and were responsible for any and all members of the society.

The observation from different points of view is possible since this team is made up by professionals from all fields, for e.g., mathematicians, engineers, bachelors, physicist, masters, psychologists and the invaluable participation of oral tradition people. These have allowed us to enter their world of perception and sensitiveness which had been carefully kept for many years. They had been waiting for the new light moment to make it known so that it could be appreciated and valued. It is the right moment to make it known relying on the wisdom of our venerable grandparents.

Master Arturo Meza Gutiérrez, who has no pretensions of being recognized, has devoted over a half of his life to the research and diffusion of knowledge. He may give us a practical and real opinion with no false gods or situations that may lack verification. He is a widely experienced man who has lived with the people all over the country transporting his experience to Groups of all lines ok knowledge, Schools and Universities where he gratefully shows the result of his research. He is a tireless communicator who makes use of any chance he may have to spread our ancestral culture. He was part of a radio program at “radio univerisdad” for over 8 years where he daily dealt with Pre Hispanic knowledge. He has a column in “8 columnas" newspaper, from Toluca, State of Mexico. Master Arturo Meza Gutiérrez has written books and stories for children for the purpose of making our culture known.

Now that we have the chance to do so, we want to publish the knowledge registered on amate tree paper, in the codexes and the Aztec calendar. We want to cooperate with the society and discover the abilities of each person, offering the chance to know his potentialities. By doing this, he will not feel trapped in this chaos. We want to minimally cooperate so that they may find their happiness, so that they may feel glad with themselves knowing the positive characteristics of their personality. Thus, it will be easier for them to enjoy a useful and happy life.

Professor Arturo Meza Gutiérrez is in charge of courses, which are open to the public, every Friday from 5 to7 p.m. at Doctor Mora # 5 – Colonia Juárez. México DF. (Tienda Artesanal) –  Hidalgo Subway, next to Alameda Central.

You may also get the books published by the professor there.  

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